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XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v5.4.3 (December 05, 2016): Highlights:
  • XMLmind XSL Utility and XMLmind XSL Server can now convert DITA 1.3 (Technical Content) documents.
  • ODT files generated by XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (Java™ Edition only) can now contain SVG graphics. In previous versions, SVG was automatically converted to PNG.
XMLmind Word To XML v1.2.1 (November 24, 2016): Substantial enhancements related to the conversion of images found in the DOCX file (TIFF, WMF, EMF, etc) to standard formats (SVG, PNG, JPEG). A bug fix related to the support of objects embedded in the DOCX file.
Two embedded media players, one for video and the other for audio, both having controlsXMLmind XML Editor v7.2 (November 10, 2016): Highlights:
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v3.1 (November 07, 2016): Minor bug fixes. Updated software components: Saxon and XMLmind Web Help Compiler, which now leverages latest and greatest jQuery v3.
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v3 (October 10, 2016): Now fully supports DITA 1.3 Technical Content.
September 12, 2016: New Quick Customization Service.
XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v5.4.2 (September 12, 2016): Updated several software components in XMLmind XSL Utility and XMLmind XSL Server.
XMLmind XML Editor v7.1 (August 22, 2016): Several minor yet very useful enhancements. Several bug fixes. New tutorial with screencast Creating a DITA bookmap.
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6.2 (August 18, 2016): The EPUB 3.0 files generated by ditac are now compatible with EPUB 2.0 readers. Several other minor enhancements.
New \"Setup Assistant\" button in the w2x-app desktop applicationXMLmind Word To XML v1.2.0 (August 01, 2016): Highlights:
  • Desktop application w2x-app has now a setup assistant (AKA “wizard” style dialog box) making it quick and easy creating w2x option files.

    This new setup assistant has a screen which may be used to map MS-Word character and paragraph styles (e.g. p-CodeSample) to XML elements possibly having attributes (e.g. DITA pre outputclass="code-sample").

  • New “semantic” output formats:
    • Multi-page “semantic” XHTML 1.0 Strict, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.1, XHTML 5;
    • Web Help containing “semantic” XHTML 1.0 Strict XHTML 1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.1, XHTML 5;
    • EPUB 2 containing “semantic” XHTML 1.1.
  • MS-Word math (that is, OpenXML math) is now automatically converted to MathML.
XMLmind DITA Editor v7 Personal Edition running on Windows 10 (HiDPI screen).XMLmind XML Editor v7 (June 21, 2016):

XMLmind is happy to announce three new products: XMLmind DITA Editor, XMLmind DocBook Editor, XMLmind XHTML Editor. These products are attractively priced, “special editions” of XMLmind XML Editor. Because they focus on a single class of documents, these specialized editors are slightly faster and simpler to use than XMLmind XML Editor. More information in "Which editor to choose?".

A Personal License is now available for XMLmind XML Editor, XMLmind DITA Editor, XMLmind DocBook Editor and XMLmind XHTML Editor. This makes our four editors free to use by many persons and organizations. More information in "Which license to choose?".

The Personal Editions of XMLmind XML Editor, XMLmind DITA Editor, XMLmind DocBook Editor and XMLmind XHTML Editor may be freely downloaded from this page.

This new version also has substantial enhancements and a number of bug fixes. All these enhancements aim to make our XML editors simpler and more straightforward to use.

Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6.1 (June 17, 2016): A minor enhancement and a couple of bug fixes.
XMLmind XSL Utility Evaluation Edition running on the Mac.XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v5.4.1 (April 21, 2016): Highlights:
DITA 1.3 new troubleshooting topic opened in XXE 6.7XMLmind XML Editor v6.7 (April 11, 2016): Highlights:
  • Partial DITA 1.3 support. (Full DITA 1.3 support is planned for year 2016.) More information in "XMLmind XML Editor - DITA Support".
  • Enhanced "DocBook v5.1 configuration (Release Candidate)" add-on.
  • Improved XInclude 1.1 support in DocBook v5 and v5.1 configurations.
  • Drag&drop of document tabs and tool tabs.
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6 (April 8, 2016): Partial support for DITA 1.3, including support of RELAX NG schemas. More information in About DITA support in XMLmind DITA Converter. Full DITA 1.3 support is planned for year 2016.
Convert DOCX to Multi-page Styled HTMLXMLmind Word To XML v1.1.0 (March 15, 2016): It's now possible to convert a DOCX document to the following styled HTML formats: multi-page styled HTML, Web Help, EPUB 2.

In order to generate these new formats, we need to automatically split the source DOCX document into parts. A new part is created each time a paragraph having an outline level less than or equal to specified split-before-level parameter is found in the source. An outline level is an integer between 0 (e.g. style Heading 1) and 8 (e.g. style Heading 9). The default value of parameter split-before-level is 0, which means: for each Heading 1, create a new page starting with this Heading 1.

New free online conversion services: Convert DOCX to Multi-page Styled HTML, Convert DOCX to Web Help, Convert DOCX to EPUB.

Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.8 (February 22, 2016): A few bug fixes. Updated software components (Saxon, XMLmind Web Help Compiler). Tested ditac against new Apache FOP 2.1.
Open Source XMLmind Assembly Processor v0.9.4 (February 16, 2016): can now check the realized document for cross-reference errors, missing image resources, etc. This is done by passing new -check option to the assembly command-line. More info.
Open Source XMLmind Assembly Processor v0.9.3 (February 03, 2016): now includes XInclude 1.1 and DocBook Transclusion processors, which allows to create modular DocBook v5.1 documents without facing limitations. More info.
The "Customize CSS Stylesheet" dialog boxXMLmind XML Editor v6.6 (January 22, 2016): Highlights:
  • New "Options|Customize Configuration|Customize CSS Stylesheet" menu item may be selected to quickly and easily customize the CSS stylesheet used to render an XML document on screen. The dialog box displayed by this new menu item has an "Add Style for Selected Element" button which does not require the user to know CSS in order to customize the style of the element being selected.
  • Many other enhancements, most of them related to XHTML support and to the "Easy Profiling" add-on.
XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v5.4 (December 10, 2015): Highlights:
  • New implementation of XMLmind XSL-FO Converter for .NET no longer requires installing Microsoft Visual J#® 2.0 Redistributable Package. It just requires a .NET 4.0+ framework on Windows or Mono 3.8+ on Linux.
  • XMLmind XSL Utility and controlapp (desktop application allowing to easily configure and control XMLmind XSL server) now works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens.
  • XMLmind XSL Utility is now available as a Mac OS X native .dmg distribution including a private Java™ 1.8.0_66 runtime.
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.7 (November 25, 2015): Element abbreviated-form is now processed as described in the DITA 1.2 spec.
w2x-app, the desktop application included in all XMLmind Word To XML distributionsXMLmind Word To XML v1.0.0 (November 17, 2015): First version of the commercial product. Highlights:
  • Text runs aligned on tab stops are now processed when generating XHTML+CSS and optionally, also when generating “semantic” XML.
  • DOCX files using the "Strict Open XML Document" format are now supported.
  • Desktop application w2x-app now works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens.
New "Display scaling" controls showing the system settings (DPI scale factor=150%) of a Windows 10 computer having an UHD screenXMLmind XML Editor v6.5 (October 26, 2015):

If your computer has a HiDPI screen or more simply if you use XXE on the Mac, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to version 6.5.

  • XXE now works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens. For example, it now works fine on a Mac having a Retina® screen and a Windows computer having an UHD (“4K”) screen.

    On a Linux computer having a HiDPI screen, HiDPI is not automatically detected. You'll have to use the new "Display scaling" controls found in the General section of the Preferences dialog box. These controls may be used to change the size of all the items comprising the user interface of XXE. This new facility may be useful even if you don't have a HiDPI screen.

  • XXE is now officially supported on Windows 10 and on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
New "Tools|Revisions" submenu in XMLmind XML Editor v6.4XMLmind XML Editor v6.4 (September 11, 2015): Highlights:
  • Better support for the revisions of a document:
    • New option "Tools|Revisions|Store All Revisions in the Document" allows to store all the revisions of a document in the XML file containing this document.
    • New menu item "Tools|Revisions|Open Revision" displays a dialog box listing all the revisions of a document for which option "Store All Revisions in the Document" has been turned on. This dialog box allows to select one or more revisions in order to open or compare these revisions.
    • The Compare tool made more convenient to use.

    Tutorial Reviewing changes using the Compare tool has been updated in order to show a typical use case for these new facilities.

  • Updated several software components used to implement add-ons.
  • A few bug fixes.
XMLmind Word To XML v1.0.0-beta04 (September 8, 2015): A few bug fixes.
XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v5.3 (July 31, 2015): Highlights:
  • It's now possible to add a watermark to the pages generated by XFC.
  • WML format only: identical images are no longer duplicated in the generated file.
  • Updated important software components (FOP, Batik, ditac, etc) in XMLmind XSL Utility and XMLmind XSL Server.
  • Bug fixes.
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.6 (July 30, 2015): Highlights:
  • It's now possible to add a watermark (e.g. "DRAFT", "CONFIDENTIAL") to a document generated by ditac.
  • Completed the implementation of DITAVAL feature <revprop changebar="change bar styles"/>. Documented the implementation in "Flagging contents", a new section of the manual.
The Convert DOCX form of the new XMLmind Word To XML Servlet v1.0.0-beta03 (July 13, 2015)XMLmind Word To XML v1.0.0-beta03 (July 13, 2015): New “Word To XML” servlet is a Java™ Servlet (server-side standard component) which has the same functions as the w2x-app desktop application.

You can test it right away by using our free online DOCX conversion service.

An assembly opened in XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1 (the "DocBook v5.1 configuration (Release Candidate)" add-on being installed)XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1 (June 24, 2015): Highlights:
Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.5_01 (June 18, 2015): Updated software components (Saxon, XMLmind Web Help Compiler). Tested ditac against new Apache FOP 2.0.
New graphical application "w2x-app" in XMLmind Word To XML v1.0.0-beta02 (May 6, 2015)XMLmind Word To XML v1.0.0-beta02 (May 6, 2015): Highlights:
  • New graphical application w2x-app.
  • New "Word To XML" add-on for XMLmind XML Editor. This add-on adds an "Import DOCX" item to the File menu.
New "Table Size" dialog box in XMLmind XML Editor v6.3 (April 21, 2015)XMLmind XML Editor v6.3 (April 21, 2015): Highlights:
  • XHTML, DITA, DocBook configurations: using toolbar button "Add table" to insert a table in the document now displays a dialog box allowing to quickly specify the number of rows and the number of columns of the new table.
  • Major upgrade of the "Easy Profiling" add-on (v2.0; installed by default). This new version greatly improves the usability of the add-on and truly makes it easy implementing conditional processing (also called profiling) in your DITA or DocBook documents.

    A tutorial on the "Easy Profiling" add-on, including a screencast, is found in Conditional processing made easy.

Open Source XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.5 (April 17, 2015): The combination of new command-line option -validate (validate all loaded DITA files) and option -dryrun (check cross-references) options gives you a simple way to thoroughly check your DITA documents.

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