15. The "Install Add-ons" dialog box

This dialog box allows to download and install and/or upgrade and/or uninstall one or more add-ons. This dialog box is not available if XXE has been deployed using Java™ Web Start or as an applet.

In order to uninstall an add-on, select the Uninstall tab and click on the checkbox of the add-on (looks like this, when clicked looks like this). It is also possibly to select the rows of the add-on table by using the Up and Down arrows and to toggle the state of the corresponding checkbox by pressing the space bar.

In order to install or upgrade an add-on, select the Install tab and click on the checkbox of the add-on.

The checkbox of an upgrade looks like this . In such case, there is no need to also explicitly uninstall the corresponding add-on because this is done automatically for you. (However it is harmless to do so.)


XXE integrated add-on manager assumes that proxy servers, if any, have been properly specified using the Proxies section of the Preferences dialog box.


The rows of the Uninstall add-on table have a light yellow background when the corresponding add-on is installed in the user preferences directory, and a light blue background when the corresponding add-on is installed in XXE installation directory.

In both cases, a row is disabled (grayed) if you have insufficient privileges to uninstall the corresponding add-on.

On Windows, this means that uninstalling these add-ons is almost certainly possible if you run XXE with administrator privileges. You'll need to restart XXE for that. This time, right-click on file XXE_install_dir/bin/xxe.exe and then select "Run as Administrator" from the popup menu.


If a problem occurs when listing the add-ons available for download and/or when uninstalling/installing the add-ons, use the "Show Message Log" button of the status bar, category "Install Add-ons", to see logged error messages.