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v1.0.0 (September 1, 2023)

xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor Opens in new window v10.5.
Bug fixes:
  • After many user actions, the document view was automatically scrolled to show the location of the caret, which was generally useless and annoying.
  • Replaced <xxe-client>/@systemselection by much simpler <xxe-client>/@button2pastestext. We could not get @systemselection="native" (e.g. with Chrome on Linux) to work satisfactorily because it seems there is no way to update the X Window Primary Selection Opens in new window without updating the System Clipboard at the same time.

v1.0.0-beta4 (August 2, 2023)

xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor Opens in new window v10.4.3 (not publicly released).
  • Dragging the column separator found at the right of a table cell may now be used to resize the table column containing this cell. Note that this works even when a table cell has no border, hence no visible column separator.
Bug fixes:
  • When <xxe-client>/@systemselection was set to "emulate" (e.g. Firefox on Linux), dragging the mouse over some text selected just a couple of characters then the text selection stopped by itself.

v1.0.0-beta3 (July 4, 2023)

xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor Opens in new window v10.4.2 (not publicly released).
  • Clicking inside the image representing the view of an image element now adds resize handles around this image. Dragging a resize handle lets you interactively resize the image element (Docbook example: <imagedata>) without having to manually change any of its attributes (DocBook example: @contentwidth, @contentdepth).
    The aspect ratio of an image element resized this way is automatically preserved. Drag a resize handle while pressing the Ctrl key (Cmd key on the Mac) if you do not wish to preserve its aspect ratio (i.e. if you want to distort the image).
  • Added an Options submenu to the menu of the sample XML editor application. For now, this submenu only contains a single checkbox: Autosave. This check box lets the user turn the autosave feature on and off at will. This checkbox is disabled (grayed) unless the autosave feature has been specified and configured using attribute @autosave.
  • Shift-clicking on an element name displayed by the node path bar now selects all the child nodes of this element. This is a handy alternative to using keyboard shortcut Escape ArrowDown.
  • xxeserver embeds Jetty Opens in new window in order to implement an HTTP and WebSocket server. Upgraded Jetty to version 11.0.15.
Bug fixes:
  • When testing newest Safari against XXEW, its “peculiar” Web Socket client caused xxeserver to raise a and from time to time —randomly— this completely blocked xxeserver.

v1.0.0-beta2 (May 29, 2023)

xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor Opens in new window v10.4.1 (not publicly released).
  • Added an autosave facility to the sample XML editor application. Note that this autosave facility is not enabled by default. See new attribute @autosave.
  • Added "Show Element Reference" to the menu of the sample XML editor application.
  • Added a "Comparison of revisions" information item to the tooltip of the document icon of the node path bar (if this feature has been enabled for this document being edited).
  • Firefox: slightly improved the clipboard integration. XXEW now updates the system clipboard when needed to but, unlike Chrome, still cannot read its contents.
  • The "Paste from Word Processor or Browser" add-on is now supported by XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition (XXEW) and is included in all XXEW distributions. As a consequence, a new "Paste from Word Processor or Browser" menu item has been added to the pop-se.png menu found at the bottom/right of the DocBook, DITA Topic and XHTML toolbars.
    Please note that this add-on, when used by XXEW, is less good at importing data copied by MS-Word to the clipboard than when used by the desktop application. The add-on is strictly identical in both contexts and in theory, this should not happen. However browsers tend to discard important style information before making copied data available to web applications such as XXEW. For example, lists and language information are not imported as accurately as they should be.
Bug fixes:
  • The dialog box displayed by command "Command History" did not work correctly when one of the repeatable commands had a parameter containing a newline character (example: "textSearchReplace a[i]foo\nbar").
  • Firefox: pressing Ctrl-SPACE to insert a non-breaking space character (&nbsp; or U+00A0) also inserted a space character.
  • In some cases, the width of "display:marker" content generated before an element was not computed accurately enough.

v1.0.0-beta1 (May 1, 2023)

First public release. xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor Opens in new window v10.4.0.