1. The node path bar

The node path bar displays the path of

The path of a node is

preceded by the path of its parent element.

The node path bar is a very convenient tool for selecting and acting on nodes:

User interaction in the node path barEffect
Click on a node name.Select this node.
Right-click on a node name.

Select this node then display a simplified, contextual, version of the Edit menu.

Drag the file icon .

Drag and drop in another application, the location of the document being edited in XXE.

Do not forget to save the document being edited in XXE before dropping its location in a viewer application.

See also Drag and drop in XMLmind XML Editor.

Right-click the file icon .

Displays a contextual menu containing the following entries:

Copy Document Location

Copy to the clipboard the location (file path or URL) of the document being edited.

Open Containing Folder

Open in the native file manager the folder containing the document being edited.