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XMLmind DITA Converter Manual (XHTML1 pages)
Explains how to install, use, customize and embed XMLmind DITA Converter.

This document is available in several formats, all generated by ditac from a single DITA source:

FormatFileXSL-FO processor used to generate the file
HTML Help Web Help (XHTML5 pages)webhelp/index.html

Same but with a simple layout.
HTML Help HTML Helpmanual.chmN/A
Java[tm] Help JavaTM Helpmanual.jarN/A
Eclipse Help Eclipse Helpcom.xmlmind.ditac.manual/
(copy this directory to the plugins/ directory of Eclipse.)
EPUB EPUB2.0manual.epubN/A
EPUB EPUB3.0ditac_manual.epubN/A
PDF PDFmanual-fop.pdf (single-sided, justified, hyphenated, alternate stylesheet fo_indent.xsl)Apache FOP (with the JEuclid FOP plug-in, which is needed to add MathML support to FOP)
PDF PDFmanual.pdf (double-sided, justified, hyphenated)RenderX XEP (MathML not supported)
RTF (MS-Word 2000+) RTF (MS-Word 2000+)manual.rtf [*]XMLmind XSL-FO Converter
WordprocessingML (MS-Word 2003+) WordprocessingML (MS-Word 2003+)manual.word.xml [*]XMLmind XSL-FO Converter
Office Open Document (MS-Word 2007+) Office Open Document (MS-Word 2007+)manual.docx [*]XMLmind XSL-FO Converter
OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org 2+) OpenDocument (OpenOffice.org 2+)manual.odt [*]XMLmind XSL-FO Converter
[*] If you want to see the correct page numbers, please proceed as explained in this FAQ.
XMLmind DITA Converter JavaTM API
Reference manual of the API of XMLmind DITA Converter. (XMLmind DITA Converter has been designed in order to be easily embedded in any JavaTM, desktop or server-side, application.)

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