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Download Evaluation Edition

Downloading a distribution of XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation Edition implies that you agree with the terms of the XMLmind Evaluation XML Editor License. Do not download a distribution if you don't agree with the terms of this license.

FileSize in bytesDateDescription
xxe-eval-5_9_0-setup.exe96,147,544March 27, 2014 09:06:00Windows auto-installable binary distribution, bundled with a private Java™ 1.7.0_51 runtime.

System requirements. Installation instructions.

xxe-eval-5_9_0-setup-nojvm.exe65,717,744March 27, 2014 09:06:00Windows auto-installable binary distribution. Requires a publicly installed Java™ 1.6+ runtime.
Mac OS X
xxe-eval-5_9_0.dmg68,764,789March 27, 2014 09:06:00Mac OS X native binary distribution. Requires Apple Java™ 1.6, which will be installed automatically if needed too. Will not work with Oracle Java™ 1.7. However, the .tar.gz or .zip distributions below will work just fine with Oracle Java™ 1.7.

System requirements. Installation instructions.

Linux and any other Java™ 1.6+ platform
xxe-eval-5_9_0.tar.gz65,885,700March 27, 2014 09:06:00Distribution compressed with tar+gzip.

System requirements. Installation instructions.

xxe-eval-5_9_0.zip69,181,469March 27, 2014 09:06:00Distribution compressed with zip.

Contents of a distribution

All distributions include:

  • XMLmind XML Editor with a user interface in English, an English spell checker dictionary, configurations for the XHTML, DITA, DocBook document types and a substantial number of add-ons (SVG support, MathML support, conversion to PDF, RTF, .docx, etc).
  • All the documentation, except the documentation for developers.

You may want a user interface in a language other than English, more spell checker dictionaries or even an alternative spell checker engine (for hard to spell languages such as Hungarian, German, Turkish, etc). If this is the case, after downloading, installing and starting XMLmind XML Editor, please download and install the corresponding add-ons using menu item Options|Install Add-ons.

About Evaluation Edition

Evaluation Edition is identical to Professional Edition except that:

  • Evaluation Edition ceases to function after 30 days.
  • Evaluation Edition has a "ConvertDocument" submenu. However the items of this submenu all generate output containing random duplicate letters (which make the output useless for any purpose other than evaluating XXE). Of course, this will not happen with Professional Edition.
    Evaluation Edition generates output containing random duplicate letters

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