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About the Developer License

The Developer License imposes no restrictions on the deployment of applications integrating XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition (as is or customized/extended). Once this license has been purchased, no royalties or runtime fees will be due to XMLmind.

The main restriction of this license is dictated by common sense: in order not to directly compete with our product, the application developed by licensee must consist of substantially more than XMLmind XML Editor. For example, licensee may not develop and market an XML editor of any kind, whether generic or specialized, based on XMLmind XML Editor.

The intent of this license is:

  • Allow software vendors to integrate XMLmind XML Editor in their own products.
  • Allow system integrators to build for their customers IT solutions including XMLmind XML Editor.

    We still recommend system integrators to develop add-ons for XMLmind XML Editor and to let their customers purchase User Licenses or Site Licenses. However, this approach was found to be impractical in some cases, hence the Developer License for system integrators.

    Note that with the Developer License, system integrators have the choice: purchase the license for themselves (which allows to use XMLmind XML Editor in other projects) or let their customers purchase it.

Note that the product being sold is still XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition. That is, the distributions downloaded for product xe-dev is exactly the same as the distributions downloaded for product xe-usr. There is no developer's kit per se, just documentation and code samples which can be freely downloaded from this page.

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