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February 16, 2024


This document contains the online help of w2x-app, a graphical application which is easier to use than the w2x command-line utility.

Table of Contents
1. Starting w2x-app
1.1. After installing the native distribution (setup.exe on Windows, .dmg on the Mac)
1.2. After installing the .zip distribution
2. Converting a DOCX file
3. Custom conversion specifications
3.1. Using the setup assistant to create custom conversion specifications
3.1.1. "Output format" screen
3.1.2. "Output format options" screen
3.1.3. "MS-Word style to XML element map" screen Dialog box allowing to add or modify an entry of the MS-Word style to XML element map
3.1.4. "Other parameters" screen
3.1.5. "Save file" screen
3.1.6. "Ready to save options" screen
3.1.7. "Saving options" screen
3.1.8. "Finish" screen
3.2. Creating custom conversion specification without the help of the setup assistant
3.2.1. Creating a custom conversion specification
3.2.2. Modifying an existing custom conversion specification
A. Command line options
B. User preferences
1. How to change a user preference
2. Where user preferences are stored
3. Supported user preferences