1.2. After installing the .zip distribution

Application w2x-app is intended to be used directly from the directory created by unzipping its distribution.

On Windows, you can start w2x-app by double-clicking w2x_install_dir\bin\w2x-app.exe[1].

On the Mac and on Linux, please type the following command in a terminal, then press Enter:

/opt$ w2x-1_11_0/bin/w2x-app &
[Note]Running w2x-app on a computer having a very high resolution (HiDPI) screen

w2x-app works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens. For example, it works fine on a Mac having a Retina® screen and a Windows computer having an UHD (“4K”) screen.

However, on some Linux computers having HiDPI screens, HiDPI is not automatically detected. You'll have to specify the display scaling factor you prefer using the -putpref command-line option:

w2x-app -putpref displayScaling 200

Preference key displayScaling may be used to globally change the size of all the items comprising the user interface of w2x-app. More information.

[Note]FlatLAF as the default Look&Feel on Linux

On Linux, FlatLAF and its light theme (called "FlatLight") is now used as the default Look & Feel. This is needed because on Linux, the “system” Look & Feel (called "Metal") looks rather outdated.

If, for any reason, you prefer to use the “system” Look & Feel, please start w2x-app by running

w2x-app -putpref lookAndFeelClassName fallback

This setting is done once for all. If after doing that, you finally prefer to revert to FlatLaf, simply run

w2x-app -delpref lookAndFeelClassName

[1] Alternatively, type the following command in a command prompt and then press Enter:

C:\> w2x-1_11_0\bin\w2x-app-c.bat

Use w2x-app-c.bat on Windows , but only when you need to start w2x-app with a console. On Windows, a console is needed to be able to see low-level error messages.