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Price List

ReferenceProductQuantityUnit Price
Unit Price
Per-user License
wx-deskWord To XML
Desktop License
>= 20250220
Per-server License
wx-srvWord To XML
Server License
1 - 2890800
3 - 5840750
> 5790700
(Server) Site License
wx-siteWord To XML
Site License
Developer License
wx-devWord To XML
Developer License
  • Prices in Euros apply to customers inside the European Union. Prices in US Dollars apply to all other customers.
  • Prices in Euros do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).
    • In accordance with the European law, customers without a valid VAT identification number will be charged VAT. The applicable VAT rate for intangible products is that of the vendor's country. The current VAT rate for XMLmind products is 20% (the applicable rate in France).
    • Except for French organizations, EU registered businesses which provide their VAT number will not be charged VAT.
  • You, as a customer, will have to pay us, XMLmind Software, the above price tag (of course, after a possible discount has been applied). Please do not expect to pay us less than this sum, either by automatically applying your local tax laws, or by asking us to fill local tax forms. If you don't agree with this policy, please do not buy or order products from XMLmind Software.
  • We offer a substantial rebate to educational organizations. Please contact e-mail address of sales for more information.
  • If you renew your purchase, you'll pay just 30% of the regular price. See below for conditions.

Purchase renewal

Purchase of any Professional Edition license grants you access to new releases for one year.

If you renew your purchase at the end of this free upgrade period, you'll pay just 30% of the regular price.

This discount only applies:

  • if you renew your purchase during the six months which follow the end of your free upgrade period,
  • provided that you buy exactly the same license and exactly the same number of units.

    It does not apply, for instance, if you want to replace your current Server License with a Site License, or if you currently own 2 Server Licenses and want to purchase just 1 Server License.

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