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Convert DOCX to Styled Multi-page (X)HTML

Similar to "Convert DOCX to Styled (X)HTML" except that the source DOCX document is automatically split into parts.

A new part is created each time a paragraph having an outline level less than or equal to specified split-before-level parameter is found in the source. An outline level is an integer between 0 (e.g. style Heading1) and 8 (e.g. style Heading9). The default value of parameter split-before-level is 0, which means: for each Heading1, create a new page starting with this Heading1.

This form creates a frameset Open in a new window. While an obsolete HTML feature, a frameset makes it easy browsing the generated HTML pages. Moreover the table of contents used as the left frame is a convenient way to programmatically list all the generated HTML pages.

Important tip

Generating any of the multi-page, (X)HTML formats should work great if, for the DOCX document to be converted, you can use MS-Word's "References>Table of Contents" button to automatically create a table of contents. Note that the source DOCX document is not required to have a table of contents, but MS-Word should allow to automatically create a good one.

DOCX input file:
Output format:

Please click Convert to download the .zip archive containing the result of the conversion. Generating this .zip file may take several seconds to several minutes depending on the size of the DOCX input file. More information about our DOCX conversion service.

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