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Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists dedicated to XMLmind Word To XML (w2x for short):

  • w2x-announce Open in a new window is a read-only list that you can subscribe to if you are interested in new release announcements and other important news related to w2x.
  • w2x-support Open in a new window is a public, moderated discussion list for end-user support, bug reports and feature requests. You should subscribe to this list if you are interested in any issue regarding the use of w2x.

Note that all traffic on w2x-announce is also directed to w2x-support, so there is no need to subscribe to both lists.

Mailing list archives

XMLmind mailing lists are managed by Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Management System, using the Python scripting language.
Questions or comments regarding XMLmind mailing lists should be directed to e-mail address of mailmanowner.

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