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July 24, 2023

Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Running XMLmind XSL Utility
2.1. System requirements
2.2. Installation
2.3. Contents of the installation directory
2.4. Starting XMLmind XSL Utility
2.5. XMLmind XSL Utility as a command-line tool
3. Converting an XML document to another format
3.1. Canceling the current conversion process
4. Changing the parameters of a conversion
5. Specifying a conversion
5.1. Specifying the conversion of a DITA topic or map
5.1.1. Reference of the fields found in the DITA tab
5.2. Specifying the conversion of an XHTML page
5.3. Specifying the conversion of DocBook v5.1+ assembly
5.4. Customizing a stock XSLT stylesheet
5.4.1. Using an existing XSLT stylesheet customization
5.4.2. Creating an XSLT stylesheet customization
5.4.3. The "XMLmind XSL Customizer" application
6. User preferences
6.1. The -p command-line option
6.2. General preferences
6.3. Helper applications preferences
6.3.1. The "Helper Application Editor" dialog box
6.4. FOP preferences
6.5. XEP preferences
A. Variables
B. XSL-FO processor parameters
1. XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (XFC)
2. Apache FOP
3. RenderX XEP
C. Using Antenna House Formatter as your XSL-FO processor
D. Using XMLmind XSL Utility to convert a DocBook 4 document to HTML Help (.chm file)
E. Support of XInclude in XMLmind XSL Utility