4. Changing the parameters of a conversion

Almost all conversions leverage an XSLT transformation, also called an XSLT stylesheet. This XSLT stylesheet almost always supports a large number of parameters. For example, some of such parameters are documented in the following documents:

Input documentDocumentation of the XSLT stylesheet parameters
DITAXMLmind DITA Converter Manual, XSLT stylesheets parameters
DocBookDocBook XSL Stylesheet Reference Documentation by Norman Walsh
XHTMLParameters of the XSLT stylesheets used to convert XHTML to XSL-FO
Procedure 2. How to add an XSLT stylesheet parameter
  1. Select the conversion you want to parameterize. Let's suppose you have selected ditaToDocx.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click the Transform tab.

    Parameter "paper-type" is set by default to "A4". If you want to change it to "Letter", suffice to select the table row containing "paper-type", click Edit and then type the parameter name and its value using the same dialog box as the one shown below.

    Now let's suppose to want to add parameter use-note-icon=yes.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Type the parameter name and its value.

  6. Click OK twice to close the two dialog boxes.

    Note that conversion ditaToDocx has been modified once for all. You'll not have to add parameter use-note-icon=yes the next time you'll use XMLmind XSL Utility.