2. Preference keys

KeyTypeDefaultCorresponding Option
activeInputMethodClientbooleanfalseUse integrated input method support
addOpenLinesbooleantrueAdd open lines
addonSourceservers|directory|bothserversDownload add-ons from these servers
addonListURLslist of URLs separated by newline characters ('\n')See Download add-ons from these servers.When addonSource=servers, this key specifies the list of “servers”. See Download add-ons from these servers.
addonDirthe filename of an existing directorynoneWhen addonSource=directory, this key specifies the local directory. See Search add-ons in this directory.
allowAdvancedXIncludebooleanfalseAllow advanced use of XInclude
appendSuggestionModenone, auto or manualmanualAppend mode
asyncImageLoadingno, yes or remoteremoteLoad images in a background task
asyncLabelLoadingno, yes or remoteremote

When rendering a DITA map stored on a remote drive, the titles of the topics referenced by this map are loaded asynchronously by default.

This considerably speeds up[a] opening a DITA map stored on a slow remote drive such as the Google Drive™.

This feature is controlled by the user preference called asyncLabelLoading.

There is no user interface which may be used to change the value of this user preference. If you need to change its value, please use xxe's command-line options -putpref and -delpref. Example: start XXE using "xxe -putpref asyncLabelLoading yes".

autoCheckForUpdatesbooleantrueCheck for Updates
autoCheckForUpdates.intervalpositive integer86400 (24 hours)Specifies the minimal amount of time, in seconds, between two automated checks. See Check for Updates.
autoCheckForUpdates.afterinteger between 10 and 14400120 (2 minutes)Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, after which the automated check is started. See Check for Updates.
autoDiffSupportfalse|true|revisionsfalseWhen a document is created or opened:
autoMasterDocumentbooleantrueUse as Master Document. See also Maps (e.g. DITA map, DocBook assembly) are automatically made master documents.
autoReopenDocumentsbooleanfalseAutomatically reopen last opened documents
autoReopenStatestringnoneAutomatically reopen last opened documents
autoSaveInterval-1000000-1000000 (number of operations; negative means disabled)-300Max. modifications before saving
autoSaveTimeout10-86400 (number of seconds)30Idle time (seconds) before saving
autoSelectAttributenever, placeholder or requiredplaceholderAutomatically select an attribute
autoSpellCheckenumeration (never, always, seeConfig)seeConfigActivate if this is specified in the configuration file
button2PastesSystemSelectionbooleanfalseClicking with middle button pastes system selection
charsSavedAsEntityRefsspecification as in In addition to characters outside the encoding, save the following characters as entity referencesempty stringIn addition to characters outside the encoding, save the following characters as entity references
copyDocumentTemplatebooleanfalseImmediately save newly created document
cursiveFontFamilyfont family nameSerif"cursive" font family
defaultBackground3 0-255 integers separated by spaces (specify red, green, blue)255 255 255Default background
defaultFontIsSerifbooleanfalseDefault font family
defaultFontSize8-24 (CSS points)11Default font size
defaultForeground3 0-255 integers separated by spaces (specify red, green, blue)0 0 0Default text color
displayScaling100-400 (%) or -1 which means: use system settings-1Display scaling
documentCacheinteger between 0 and 5000. Specify 0 to disable the cache.100Document cache
dontIndentUnconstrainedDocsbooleanfalseDo not indent unconstrained documents
editPane.inspectorModebooleantrueWhen the inspector mode is turned on (which is the default), the Edit tool does not clear its state when the editing context is changed. On the contrary, it automatically updates its list to continuously show you what elements are allowed given the current editing context.
encodingany encoding supported by Java™ or "ORIGINAL_ENCODING"UTF-8Encoding
ensureSaveFileHasExtensionbooleantrueEnsure that a save filename has an extension
fantasyFontFamilyfont family nameSerif"fantasy" font family
filterDuplicateIDsbooleantrueFilter duplicate ID errors found in modular documents
ftpProxyHosthost name or host addressnoneFTP proxy
ftpProxyPortinteger80(FTP proxy) Port
guessIgnorableWhitespacebooleantrueWhen no DTD or schema, guess ignorable white space
headerBegin [footerBegin]textempty [%F]Begin
headerColor [footerColor]3 0-255 integers separated by spaces (specify red, green, blue)128 128 128 [128 128 128]Color
headerEnd [footerEnd]textempty [%P]End
headerMiddle [footerMiddle]textempty [empty]Middle
helperApplications.entriesstringsee File typesFile types

The format of this string is:

entries --> ( entry ('\n' entry)* )?

entry --> mime_types ':' extensions ':' 
          magic_strings ':' 
          xml_name_patterns ':' 

mime_types --> ( mime_type (',' mime_type)* )?
extensions --> ( extension (',' extension)* )?
magic_strings --> ( magic_string (',' magic_string)* )?
xml_name_patterns --> ( xml_name_pattern (',' xml_name_pattern)* )?

In any of the above fields, 
character ':' must be escaped using "\072"
and character ',' must be escaped using "\054".

magic_string --> HEXADECIMAL_NUMBER

xml_name_pattern --> ( '{' namespace_URI? '}' )? local_part
One of local_part or namespace_URI 
may be equal to "*".
helperApplications.defaultViewerstringsee Default viewerDefault viewer
highlightAllHitsbooleanfalseHighlight all
horizontalSplitbooleanfalseSplit Document Area Horizontally
httpProxyHosthost name or host addressnoneHTTP proxy
httpProxyPortinteger80(HTTP proxy) Port
httpsProxyHosthost name or host addressnoneHTTPS proxy
httpsProxyPortinteger443(HTTPS proxy) Port
indentinteger (negative means not indented)2Indentation
ignoreStyleSheetPIbooleanfalseIgnore <?xml-stylesheet?>
infoAboutReadOnlyInclusionsbooleantrueInform about non-editable document parts
localelanguage (e.g. fr) or language_COUNTRY (e.g. fr_CA) or - (means default)-Locale
lockLocalDocumentsbooleanfalseLock documents stored on the local filesystem
lockModeshared, exclusive or noneexclusivePreferred lock mode
lockOwnerstringempty string which implies user_name@host_nameIdentifier as a lock owner
lockTimeoutinteger (number of seconds)86400 (that is, 24 hours)

After specified number of seconds, a lock is to be automatically removed by the server (typically WebDAV) hosting the locked document.

A negative or null value may be used to create locks which should never expire.

Note that there is no need to create permanent locks as XXE automatically “refreshes” the lock each time the locked document is being saved.

One notable exception is Subversion, which when used through WebDAV, does not support locks having a finite lifetime.

This user preference cannot be specified using the GUI of XXE. You need to use the -putpref command-line option for that.

lookAndFeelClassNameJava™ class name of a Look&Feel or "-" (an alias for "default") or "default" or "fallback" (means: system LAF)-Style
makeBackupFilesbooleantrueBefore saving, make a backup copy of the file
masterDocumentListlist of document URLs separated by newline characters-Use as Master Document. See also Except for the following maps.
maxLineLengthpositive integer78Max. line length
maxUndo1-10020Max. undo actions
monospaceFontFamilyfont family nameMonospaced"monospace" font family
nonMasterDocumentListlist of document URLs separated by newline characters-Use as Master Document. See also Master documents.
nonProxyHostslist of host names, host addresses and domain names (e.g. .acme.com) separated by spaces"localhost"No proxy for
onlyShowSuggestionsbooleanfalseIn the choice list, only show suggestions
overrideConfigurationbooleanfalseOverride settings specified in config. files
proxySettingsnone|system|applicationsystemUse system settings
quickStartCachebooleantrueQuick Start cache
saveCharsAsEntityRefsbooleantrueSave characters outside encoding as entity references
schemaCacheinteger between 0 and 100. Specify 0 to disable the cache.10Schema cache
sansSerifFontFamilyfont family nameSansSerif"sans-serif" font family
serifFontFamilyfont family nameSerif"serif" font family
singleInstancebooleanfalseUse a unique instance of XMLmind XML Editor
socksPasswordencoded stringthe empty string(SOCKS) Password
socksProxyAuthenticationbooleanfalseAuthenticate SOCKS user
socksProxyHosthost name or host addressnoneSOCKS proxy
socksProxyPortinteger1080(SOCKS proxy) Port
socksUserstringthe login name of the user(SOCKS) User name
treeViewFontSize8-24 (CSS points)10Base font size
treeViewFontsAndColors(without a space after ';') "markupFont; textFont; verbatimTextFont; backgroundColor; readOnlyColor; markupColor; elementNameColor; attributeNameColor; attributeValueColor; textColor; commentColor; piColor; textBorderColor; commentBorderColor; piBorderColor"(without a space after ';') "SansSerif-Bold; SansSerif; Monospaced; ffffff; e0f0f0; 808080; 8b008b; 008b8b; 00008b; 000000; 8b1c62; 006400; f0f0f0; ffe0e0; e0ffe0"Fonts and colors
underlineHeader [overlineFooter]booleantrueUnderline [Overline]
unselectedFeatureslist of feature names (OpenFolder, NewWindow, etc), separated by newline charactersForceDeletion, IncludeTool, DeveloperTools, DocumentCacheTool.Section 6.10.1, “Features Options”
updateInclusionsOnSavebooleantrueAutomatically update references in modular documents
useHelperDocumentTypebooleantrueWhen no DTD or schema, simulate a DTD
useNativeFileChooserbooleantrue on the Mac, false on the other platformsUse the native file chooser in preference to the multi-platform file chooser
useURLChooserbooleanfalseUse the URL Chooser
viewSettingsstringnonePreference saved by the items of the View menu. See also Section 35, “viewSettings” in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment.

The format of this string is:

entries --> entry [ '\n' entry ]*
entry --> document_URL '\n' view_settings
view_settings --> center_pane '|' top_pane '|' right_pane '|'
                  bottom_pane '|' left_pane
pane --> stylesheet_name|'-' ';' size ';' add_order ';' text_size ';'
         display_images ';' show_tags ';' tree_view_details
size --> DOUBLE_BETWEEN_0_AND_1 (1 for center_pane)
add_order --> POSITIVE_INTEGER (0 for center_pane)
text_size --> INTEGER_BETWEEN_8_AND_24
display_images --> image|thumbnail|box
show_tags --> no|yes|all

No stylesheet_name at all means: hidden pane. "-" means: tree view. Example: "file:/home/john/doc.xml\nDocBook;1.0;0;12;box;no;|;;;;;;|;;;;;;|;;;;;;|;;;;;;".

warnAboutAdvancedXIncludebooleanfalseWarn about advanced use of XInclude
wrapLongWordsbooleanfalseWrap words wider than available space
wrapSearchbooleanfalseWrap search

[a] Provided that the document cache is given a sufficient capacity. See "Document cache size" in the OptionsPreferences, Advanced|Cached data preferences form.