3. Environment variables

The following environment variables are convenient to use while customizing or extending XXE. However, these variables are not really meant to be used in production.


Variable nameValueDescription
XXE_ADDON_PATHList of directory filenames separated by semi-colons (';').

Do not forget to clear, or even disable, the Quick Start cache before using XXE_ADDON_PATH.

All the directories referenced in this list are recursively scanned by XXE during its startup to dynamically discover add-ons.

Linux example:

~$ XXE_ADDON_PATH="my_docbook;+" xxetool convert \
    docb.toHTML doc.xml -u out

More info in chapter "The lookup phase during XXE startup" of Section 1, “Dynamic discovery of add-ons” in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment.

XXE_FOP_CONFIGURL or absolute file path of a user-defined FOP configuration file

Specifies the location of a FOP configuration file. More information in Using in XXE an existing FOP configuration file.

XXE_PREFS_DIRRelative or absolute filename of a directory. A relative filename is relative to the current working directory.

Specifies a custom user preferences directory. This directory is created if it does not already exist.

Linux example:

~$ XXE_PREFS_DIR=test xxe &

Specifies which scrolling mode to use everywhere in XXE.

Linux example:

XXE_XEP_CONFIGURL or absolute file path of a user-defined XEP configuration fileSpecifies the location of a XEP configuration file. More information in Using in XXE an existing XEP configuration file.

[36] This is the case only with XMLmind.app, the application bundle contained in the .dmg distribution. If you are a local guru or a consultant you may prefer to download and install the xxe-*.zip distribution rather than the xxe-*.dmg distribution.

After unzipping this archive in a directory of your choice, XMLmind XML Editor may be started using the XXE_install_dir/bin/xxe shell script. Unlike XMLmind.app which leverages Apple's Java™ launcher, the xxe shell script makes it easy working with environment variables such as XXE_GUI, XXE_ADDON_PATH, etc.