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Support Policy

Support is limited to bug reports, unless you are an XMLmind customer. Moreover, please note that we do not accept bug reports involving customizations or extensions made by third-party developers.

How to write a usable bug report?

In order to fix a bug, we absolutely need to be able to reproduce it. Therefore, please make sure to include all the following information in your bug report:

  • A description of the problem.
  • The version of XMLmind Ebook Compiler (ebookc for short). Execute "ebookc -version" to display this version.
  • The name and version of the operating system used to run ebookc.
  • The version of the Java™ runtime used to run ebookc. Execute "java -version" to display this version.
  • If relevant, the ebookc command-line used to convert your ebook specification.
  • If relevant (which is almost always the case), a copy of your ebook specification with all the corresponding input HTML pages or a mock-up document allowing to reproduce the problem.

Failing to comply with the above support policy will cause your support request to be automatically rejected with no explanation other than Your support request does not comply with XMLmind Ebook Compiler support policy. Please refer to http://www.xmlmind.com/ebookc/support_policy.html.

Alternate support facilities

XMLmind Ebook Compiler is embedded in XMLmind XHTML Editor and of course, its superset, XMLmind XML Editor. If you own any of the aforementioned products, then please use the corresponding support facility rather than e-mail address of ebookcsupport. See XMLmind XML Editor, Support.

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