21. nodePathAttributes

  Content: [ attribute ]*

  name = QName
  element = XPath (subset)
  separator = string containing a single character
  splitValue = boolean : false
  show = boolean : true

This element is used to configure the node path bar in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help . It specifies which attribute values should be displayed after an element name.

XHTML example, the node path bar may be configured to show you something like this: html > body > pre#example.fancy.line-numbers > code. This may be achieved using the following specification:

  <attribute name="id" separator="#" />
  <attribute name="class" separator="." splitValue="true" />

This specification instructs the node path bar to display the values of attributes id and class after the name of any element having one or both these attributes. Character "#" is used to prefix the value of attribute id. Character "." is used to prefix the tokens comprising the value of attribute class.

Child element attribute specifies an attribute to be displayed by the node path bar. The node path bar considers each attribute element in the order specified in the configuration file.

The attributes of element attribute are:


The name of the attribute to be displayed. Required.


An XPath pattern matching the parent element of the attribute to be displayed. Optional. Defaults to: any parent element.


Specifies the character to be prepended to the attribute value. Required.


If true, consider that the attribute value contains a list of tokens. Split this list and display each token preceded by the character specified by attribute separator. Optional. Defaults to false.


If false, do not display the value of the attribute[9]. Optional. Defaults to true.

An empty nodePathAttributes configuration element may be used to discard the previously specified nodePathAttributes.

DocBook 5 example:

<nodePathAttributes xmlns:db="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook">
  <attribute name="xml:id" separator="#" />
  <attribute name="linkends" element="db:co" separator="&#xBB;"
             splitValue="true" show="false" />
  <attribute name="arearefs" element="db:callout" separator="&#xBB;"
             splitValue="true" show="false" />

[9] The contextual menu of the “document icon” of the node path bar contains checkboxes letting the user quickly switch attribute show from false to true and the other way round.