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Translators Needed!

Translate XMLmind XML Editor messages to your mother tongue and get up to 5 “lifetime” XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition User Licenses.


  • You must be a reasonably experienced XXE user.
  • You'll translate the messages of XXE from English to your mother tongue.

Translating XMLmind XML Editor messages is a quite straightforward task as this is done using XXE itself. (This is why you really need to be a reasonably experienced XXE user!) More information in Translating the messages of XMLmind XML Editor.

You'll have hundreds of (generally short) messages to translate, so this represents several hours of work in order to create your first translation.

Each time an new version of XXE is released, you'll have to update your translation. Translating the messages which are new to an XXE version generally takes less than an hour.

If you are interested, please contact us (e-mail address of xmleditorinfo) before starting your translation. For some languages (e.g. Italian), you'll not have to start from scratch. For some other languages, we may already have a volunteer working on the translation.

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