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Known problems

See also Frequently Asked Questions.

Problems which are solved by upgrading XXE and/or the Java™ runtime are not listed here. Therefore, the first thing to do if you have problems is to upgrade XXE to latest version and to upgrade Java to latest supported version (no beta please!).

item Known problems whatever the platform
item Known problems on Windows
item Known problems on the Mac
item Known problems on Linux
item Known Java™ Web Start problems

Known problems whatever the platformBack to TOC

  • When an external application changes the contents of the clipboard, XXE may fail to detect this change.

    Workaround: change the editing context of XXE, for example, by moving the caret to another XML node.

Known problems on WindowsBack to TOC

  • When XXE is started in a directory which has an UNC filename (example: \\home\jsmith), opening documents is very slow or fails with strange error messages such as "Cannot open file XXX:".

    Workaround: when XXE is started in a directory which has an UNC filename, loading the XML catalog XXE_install_dir/addon/config/catalog.xml silently fails. Therefore, the workaround is to start XXE in a directory which has not an UNC filename, for example: C:\.

    In order to do this:

    1. Right-click on the XMLmind XML Editor “icon” that you use to start XXE. For example, right-click on the XMLmind XML Editor menu item found in the Start menu > All Programs > XMLmind XML Editor menu.
    2. This will display a popup menu. Then select the Properties menu item.
    3. This will display a dialog box. Then select the Shortcut Tab and change the Start in field to, for example, "C:\".
    4. After that, always start XXE using this modified “icon”.

Known problems on the MacBack to TOC

  • On the Mac, double-clicking on a file which should be opened by XXE (e.g. a ".dita" file) starts the application (or brings its window to front if it's already started) but does not cause the file to be opened in the editor.

    No workaround. Seems to be a Java™ bug ([macosx] OpenFilesHandler does not receive fileopen events), unfortunately not fixed in Java9+.

Known problems on LinuxBack to TOC

  • XXE is much too small on a Linux computer having a very high resolution (HiDPI) screen.

    Workaround: on Linux computers, HiDPI is often not automatically detected. You'll have to use the "Display scaling" controls found in the General section of the Preferences dialog box.

  • Known problems related to the clipboard:
    • XXE randomly hangs for a couple of minutes. This seems to happen only on Linux with a JavaTM runtime 1.6+. This often happens when OpenOffice/LibreOffice is also running.

      Workaround: using an external application, update the contents of the system clipboard by copying to it (i.e. by using Ctrl-C) a small piece of text.

    • Copying text or images from XXE to OpenOffice/LibreOffice works fine but the opposite operation often hangs XXE (or at best makes it very, very, slow).

      Workaround: the workaround to unblock XXE is to copy a piece of text to the clipboard using any application other than OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

    • Copying images from XXE to the Gimp works fine but the opposite operation will not work.

      No workaround.

  • When using window managers other than the KDE or Gnome standard window managers, the XXE main window is displayed at a wrong place with a wrong size.

    Workaround: Java™ seems to be tested only against the Gnome and KDE standard window managers. Therefore, you unfortunately need to use another window manager.

Known Java™ Web Start problemsBack to TOC

All platforms:

  • Many Web browsers will simply download the xxe.jnlp file without attempting to open it in the associated javaws program (Java™ Web Start launcher).

    Workaround: when asked if you want to really want open xxe.jnlp using javaws, please answer yes.

    Firefox example:

    Confirm open xxe.jnlp with javaws

    Google Chrome example:

    Chrome security warning about xxe.jnlp

    Confirm that you want to always open ".jnlp" files:

    Choose to always open xxe.jnlp in Chrome

    Note that once the xxe.jnlp file has been downloaded and saved somewhere by the Web browser, the Web browser is no longer needed to start XXE. Simply double-click xxe.jnlp, this should automatically invoke javaws and XXE should start.

macOS only:

  • Java™ Web Start is not really usable on macOS 10.8+. macOS refuses to “run” the xxe.jnlp file downloaded from the Web because this simple, short, XML file has not been digitally signed.
    "xxe.jnlp not digitally signed" warning

    Workaround: change the security settings of macOS to "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere".

    All apps downloaded from anywhere
  • By default, XXE uses macOS native file chooser to let the user select a file. When deployed using Java Web Start, for an unknown reason, this macOS native file chooser becomes unusable.

    Workaround: use menu item Options|Preferences, Open section and uncheck "Use the native file chooser in preference to the multi-platform file chooser" in the Preferences dialog box.

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