Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete

The customary Copy, Cut and Delete commands

The The 'Copy' icon EditCopy ( Ctrl-C), The 'Cut' icon EditCut (Ctrl-X) and The 'Delete' icon EditDelete ( Backspace, Del and Ctrl-KK like Kill) all work as expected in any text editor or word processor. Their keyboard shortcuts are the usual ones. These commands operate on both the text selection and the node selection.

However, in XMLmind XML Editor, these commands also have the following specificities:

Three Paste commands instead of just one

The The 'Paste' icon EditPaste (Ctrl-V) command works quite normally:

The two other Paste commands, The 'Paste Before' icon EditPaste Before ( Ctrl-U; letter U is before V in the alphabet) and The 'Paste After' icon EditPaste After ( Ctrl-W; letter W is after V in the alphabet), are specific to XMLmind XML Editor. These commands insert the content of the system clipboard respectively before and after the node selection. They do not work if there is a text selection.

These commands are useful to move elements around within the document or across different documents. For example, you can use Cut to cut a list item and then use Paste After to paste it after the last item of the list.

When the Paste command you intend to use is disabled (“grayed”), it's probably because you have chosen the wrong operation (e.g. Paste instead of Paste After) or because you have not selected the right element. This behavior, which is typical of XMLmind XML Editor, has already been described for the three Insert commands (Insert Before, Insert, Insert After).

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