14. help

  location = anyURI

Registers a help document having specified location with the context sensitive online help system of XXE. This help document is always a set of HTML files, typically a Web Help.


<help location="cshelp.xml" />

In fact, the file pointed to by attribute location is not the help document itself, but a map of some of the IDs contained in the help document.

This ID map is an XML file conforming to the samples/idMap/idMap.rnc (commented) RELAX NG schema. Example, excerpts from samples/idMap/cshelp.xml:

<idMap href="docbook/index.html"1
       title="XMLmind XML Editor - DocBook Support">2

  <page href="index.html"3
        ids="docbook"4 />

  <page href="docbook_menu.html"
        ids="docbook_menu link_callouts_in_image_map
             docbook_convert_menu creating_olink 

  <page href="docbook_toolbar.html" 
        ids="docbook_toolbar table_editor"/>


The location of the help document. This location may be an absolute or relative URI. If it is relative, then it is relative to a base URI specified by the Java™ application hosting the context sensitive online help system. In the case of XXE, the base URI could be something like http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/_distrib/doc/index.html.


The title of the help document.


Location of an HTML page which is part of the help document. This location is almost always relative to the location of the help document.


List of id attribute values contained in this HTML page.

No need to list all IDs here. It's often sufficient to list the IDs of elements having a title (section, figure, table) or being a title (h1-h6, caption, figcaption) because such elements are potentially the targets of the context sensitive help.