Chapter 4. Reference

Table of Contents
1. action
1.1. Action which is a wrapper around a command
2. command
3. include
4. layout
4.1. The attributes of layout
4.2. The menuBar child element of layout
4.3. The topToolBars and bottomToolBars child elements of layout
4.4. The leftToolBars and rightToolBars child elements of layout
4.5. The leftPanes and rightPanes child elements of layout
4.6. The preferencesSheets child element of layout
4.7. The hidden child element of layout
4.8. The insert descendant element of layout
5. menu
6. menuBar
7. menuItems
8. openedDocumentHook
9. pane
10. part
10.1. Bean properties
11. preferencesSheet
12. preferencesSheets
13. property
14. ribbon
15. ribbonItems
16. statusBar
17. tool
18. toolBar
19. toolBarItems
20. translation

GUI specifications file must have a .xxe_gui suffix. Customization files automatically detected by XXE during its startup must be called customize.xxe_gui.

All the elements described in this chapter belong to the "" namespace. The local name of the root element of a GUI specification must be gui:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<gui xmlns=""

A gui root element may contain any number of the following elements, and that, in any order.