2. attributes

attributes(key, value, ..., key, value)

Inserts in generated content a special purpose container. This special purpose container is populated with generated content for element attributes specified using :attribute() rules. See styling element attributes.

A attributes() container is similar to a table with a row for each attribute. This table has 3 columns: left, middle, right. No border is drawn around its cells.

wrap-rowsBoolean: yes|no, 1|0, "true"|"false", "on"|"off"yesSpecifies whether the rows of this tabular container are wrapped or not when they are too wide for the document view.

Key, value, ..., key, value may specify optional style parameters.



attributes(margin-top, 2,
           margin-bottom, 2,
           margin-left, 2,
           margin-right, 2)

attributes(wrap-rows, no)