1. add-attribute-button

Inserts a command-button in generated content which can be used to add an attribute to the element for which the button has been generated.

check-has-attributesBoolean: yes|no, 1|0, true|false, on|offnoyes means: do not generate this button when the target element has no attributes (attribute wildcards and xsi:* attributes are ignored).
use-default-attribute-valueBoolean: yes|no, 1|0, true|false, on|offnoyes means: newly added attribute is given its default value (as specified in the schema) if any, "???" otherwise.

Do not specify command, parameter or menu parameters for this type of command-button. A menu of putAttribute commands is built dynamically each time this button is clicked.

By default, this button has its icon set to icon(plus).



add-attribute-button(text, "Add attr.", 
                     check-has-attributes, yes,
                     use-default-attribute-value, yes)