Inserting custom element templates

Generally, when you insert a new element, XMLmind XML Editor automatically creates for you the valid element having the simplest content. For example, if you insert a note element in a DocBook document, this note contains an empty para.

But what if you often want your notes to begin with a title element? Will you have to use Insert Before again and again in order to insert by hand a title before the para? The answer is no. Suffice to do that once, select the customized note element and then save it as a named element template. This is done by using menu item OptionsCustomize ConfigurationSave Selected Element as Template.

The dialog box displayed by Save Selected Element as Template has a checkbox called "This replaces the default, automatically generated, element template". If you check it, your custom element template replaces the one created by default by XMLmind XML Editor. That is, if you check it, all the note elements you'll insert will begin with a title.

'Save selected element as template' dialog box

Let's suppose you do not want to do that. Let's suppose the name of your custom element template is "with_title". When you'll use the Edit tool in order to insert a note element, you'll see two note elements listed there: the default template called "note" and your custom template called "note(with_title)". Notice that named element templates, whether custom ones or stock ones, are displayed using an italic font.

'Note with title' element template
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