8. Options menu


Displays the Preferences dialog box which allows to specify a large number of user preferences.

Reload All Configurations

Reloads all configuration files found by XXE at startup time. This command is disabled if one or more documents are opened in the editor.

Without this command, testing modifications made to an existing configuration requires you to restart the editor. Note that restarting the editor is still required to make it discover new configurations or to reload support code (i.e. .jar files).

This menu item is hidden by default. You need to enable it by checking "Enable the Developer Tools" in OptionsPreferences, General|Features section.

Install Add-ons

Displays the Install Add-ons dialog box, which lets you download, install, upgrade and uninstall add-ons.


This menu item is absent when XMLmind XML Editor has been started using Java™ Web Start.


If you hold the Shift key and click on OptionsInstall Add-ons, you'll automatically upgrade user-installed add-ons (of course, if any and if needed to). More information in Section 14.1, “Automatically upgrading installed add-ons”.