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Web deployment of XMLmind XML Editor

Java™ Web Start is now a deprecated technology

In March 2018, Oracle® announced it will not include Java™ Web Start in Java SE 11 (18.9 LTS) and later. Therefore what described in this chapter is a deprecated technology.

However, Java Web Start still works fine if the client computer —that is, the computer running the Web browser— has Oracle Java 1.8 JDK or JRE installed.

It is possible to run XMLmind XML Editor without requiring the end-user to install the desktop application on her/his computer. The technology used to achieve that is called Java™ Web Start. More information in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment, Deploying XXE using Java™ Web Start.

Run Java™ Web Start demo

Requirements: Oracle Java™ 1.8 must installed on your computer. Will not work with older or more recent versions of Java. See above note.

No add-ons here. This page contains a simple demo of XMLmind XML Editor deployed over the Web. Note that in order to minimize download time, XMLmind XML Editor here has almost no add-ons. Therefore, you cannot use this demo to evaluate features such as Import DOCX, Convert to PDF, RTF, WML, DOCX, ODT, MathML Support, XML Source View, Easy Profiling, etc.

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