5. schematron options


xmltool schematron schematron_options common_options schematron [ xml_file ]*

Validate specified XML documents against specified Schematron.

Optionally validate the Schematron itself.

Unless the -iso option is used, the Schematron may be embedded in another type of XML document (e.g. a DocBook 5 RELAX NG grammar not using the compact syntax).


Fully validate the Schematron as an ISO Schematron schema.

Default: do not validate the Schematron, just load it.

Note that the Schematron loader is very lenient and accepts ISO Schematron as well as Schematron 1.5 schemas.

-o out_schematron_file

Save the Schematron to specified file. The written schema is in all cases an ISO Schematron schema using the minimal syntax.

-phase phase_id

Specifies the ID of the phase which is to be used for validation. May also be #ALL or #DEFAULT.

Default: #DEFAULT, if any, #ALL otherwise.

-var name value

Specify overrides for some of the let variables defined in the Schematron.

Note that value must be a valid XPath expression and not a plain string.

Example: Validate docbook.sch as an ISO Schematron schema. Additionally save a copy in /tmp/out.sch.

/opt/xxe/addon/config/docbook$ xmltool schematron -iso -o /tmp/out.sch docbook.sch

Example: Validate docbook-image.xml against docbook.sch.

/opt/xxe/demo$ xmltool schematron ../addon/config/docbook/docbook.sch \

Example: Validate docbook-image.xml against docbook.sch, using phase #ALL. Pass to the Schematron variable foo having XPath string literal "bar" as its value.

/opt/xxe/demo$ xmltool schematron -phase '#ALL' -var foo '"bar"' \
    ../addon/config/docbook/docbook.sch \