A. The translatexxe command-line utility

After installing the "Translate XMLmind XML Editor" add-on, the translatexxe command-line utility is found in the translate_xxe/ subdirectory of one of the two addon/ directories scanned by XXE during its startup.

Use translatexxe.bat on Windows and the translatexxe shell script on Linux and on the Mac.

The translatexxe command-line utility is auto-documented. Execute translatexxe -? in order to print a short help text similar to what follows:

translatexxe [-v] [-l two_letter_language_code] [-e message_file_encoding]
  [-a author_of_the_translation]

    -m out_message_file [in_jar_file|in_zip_file]
    -j out_jar_file in_message_file
    -p out_zip_file in_jar_file|in_message_file