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9. Window menu

New Window

Opens a new main window identical to the initial main window of XMLmind XML Editor. See also menu item Move Document to New Window found in the right-click popup menu of a document tab.

Note that using FileQuit will only close the corresponding main window. The XMLmind XML Editor application is actually terminated when its last main window has been closed using FileQuit.

You may need to enable this menu item by checking "Enable the "Window|New Window" menu item" in OptionsPreferences, General|Features section.

Split Windows Horizontally

Clicking on the dashed line found at the bottom of the tab of a document view causes the window area to be split in two parts. This allows to see two documents side by side.

If this option is turned on, the window area is split horizontally. If this option is turned off (the default), the window area is split vertically.

Note that turning this option on and off has an immediate effect on the window area, if this area has already been split in two parts.

Default: not checked.


Closes active document.

Close All

Closes all opened documents.

Show Preceding

Displays preceding (in the order the documents have been opened or created) document tab.

Show Following

Displays following (in the order the documents have been opened or created) document tab.

Below the above menu items, a menu item is added for each document opened in XXE. Selecting the name of a document in this list causes this document to become the active one and thus, causes the corresponding tab to be displayed.