4. The "Attribute Value" dialog box

This dialog box is displayed when you click the Edit button in the Attributes tool and the type of the attribute being edited is an enumerated type or a reference type of any kind (ID, IDREF, href, etc).

  • A single click is sufficient to select a value from the displayed list.

  • The text field above the list supports auto-completion.

  • For most reference types, a Filters pane is found below the list. Initially, this pane is collapsed.

    The Filters pane allows to filter the listed values by document and/or by element type.

    The Document combobox is automatically initialized with documents related to the document being edited:

    • If the document being edited is a module referenced or included by a master document, then you'll find in the combobox all the other documents also referenced in this Navigation Pane.

    • If the document being edited includes parts of other documents, then you'll find in the combobox all the included documents.

    The Add button which is next to Document combobox allows to add more related documents.

    For example, you have not opened the document set comprising chapter1.xml and chapter2.xml, you are currently editing chapter1.xml and want to add a link found in chapter2.xml. Simply use the Add button to add chapter2.xml and you'll be able to see all the link targets found in this file.