10.1. Organizing the content of the FileNew dialog box

Optional document template properties Category and Order allow to better organize the content of the FileNew dialog box.


Specifies the category of the new document template. A category consists in one or more segments separated by character '/'. By default, the category of a document template is the name of the configuration in which this template has been specified.


Specifies the relative order of the new document template within its category. Default value is 100.

For example, stock category "XHTML/1.0" includes all the templates specified in stock configurations "XHTML Strict" and "XHTML Transitional". These stock document templates are "XHTML Page (Strict)", "HTML Page (Strict)", "XHTML Page (Transitional)" and "HTML Page (Transitional)". Let's suppose a user wants to create a new document template template conforming to the Transitional DTD.

In the above screen shot, we can see that:

  • The user is creating a new document template called "XMLmind Page".

  • The user wants it to be found in the same category ("XHTML/1.0") as the stock XHTML 1.0 templates.

  • The user wants it to be found after the "HTML Page (Transitional)" stock template (its order, 300, is greater than 201).

  • Note that the above dialog box does not list all the document templates belong to category "XHTML/1.0", but instead it lists all the document templates specified the the configuration called "XHTML Transitional".