1. Why use this add-on?

This add-on allows you to work directly on Google Drive as if it were your local hard drive. It's not a file synchronization tool. It makes accesses to Google Drive in real time. Of course, it does not not require you to install the Google Drive desktop application on your computer.

This add-on aims to turn Google Drive into a a zero-install, inexpensive, yet capable[1] XML document repository. Such XML document repository is typically used by a group of technical writers working on the same set of files.

That's why this add-on will automatically write-lock XML documents opened in XMLmind XML Editor. Moreover, saving repeatedly to Google Drive a write-locked document will create only a single revision of this document.

On the downside, Google Drive is very slow[2], even compared to other remote storage facilities such as FTP and WebDAV servers. In rare occasions, Google Drive may become slow to the point of being unusable. It may also report hard to understand errors. However these errors are always harmless for your files and for XMLmind XML Editor.

This being said, lots of development efforts have been made to ensure that the combination of XMLmind XML Editor and the Google virtual drive plug-in always works acceptably.

[1] Google Drive automatically keeps old versions of a file (called revisions). Google Drive automatically indexes files in order to implement full-text search.

[2] Not a throughput problem; a very high response time: 0.2 to 20 seconds per request, no matter how simple is this request.