3. Teamwork on the Google Drive

Let's suppose Jane Doe (see above example) wants to collaborate with John on writing the document uploaded to the docs folder.

Jane must proceed as follows:

  1. Start her Web browser and visit her Google Drive.

  2. Select folder docs and click Share.

  3. Send by email an invitation to John using the dialog box displayed after clicking Share.

Once John receives Jane's invitation to work on the document found in folder docs, he must proceed as follows:

  1. Start his Web browser and visit his Google Drive. He'll find folder docs in the "Shared with Me" section.

  2. Select folder docs and click "Add to My Drive".

    From now, any change (creations, deletions, modifications) made by Jane to the files and sub-folders found in folder docs will be seen by John. The opposite way around is also true: any change made by John will be seen by Jane.

  3. John can open, for example, google:/docs/Book.xml[5] in XXE by proceeding as explained in steps 1 and 2 of Section 2, “Getting started” and then selecting menu item FileOpen. Note that the first time John will open google:/docs/Book.xml, he too will be asked to authorize XXE to access his Google Drive.

[5] For John, google:/ denotes the root of his own Google Drive, and not the root of Jane's Google Drive.