2. Getting started

You may also want to watch a screencast showing the following steps.

  1. Download and install the add-on called "Google® virtual drive plug-in" using menu item OptionsInstallAdd-ons. Then restart XMLmind XML Editor (XXE for short) as instructed by the application.

  2. Check FileUse the URL Chooser.

    This is needed because you cannot use the standard file chooser dialog box to open files and folders found on a remote storage facility such as Google Drive.

  3. Select FileFolderOpen Folder[3]. This displays the URL chooser dialog box in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help.

  4. Click "New URL" , select "google:/" from the popup menu, then click OK.

  5. The first time you'll do this, you'll be prompted to authorize XXE to access your Google Drive.

    After you sign in to your Google account, click Accept and you are done[4].

    A "Browse Files" tool in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help is now opened on your Google Drive.

  6. Select FileFolderOpen Home Folder.

  7. Click the dashed line of the folder tab to split the tab area in two parts.

  8. Navigate to a local folder containing all the files comprising an XML document, select it, then drag and drop it onto your Google Drive.

  9. Close the local folder tab as it is no longer needed.

  10. In the Google Drive tab, navigate to the XML document you have just uploaded then double-click its name to open it in XXE.

    Notice that this document is now write-locked by you in order to prevent your coworkers from overwriting your changes.

  11. Modify your document and press Ctrl+S (Cmd+S on the Mac) to save your changes directly to Google Drive.

    Because the document is write-locked by you, saving repeatedly your changes will create only one revision of the XML file per editing session.

[3] You may need to enable this submenu by checking "Enable the 'File|Folder' Submenu" in OptionsPreferences, General|Features section.

[4] This step is slightly more involved if you are using a Java™ 1.6 runtime (like on the Mac, with the .dmg distribution). More information in Alternate method for authorizing XXE to access your Google Drive.