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  • Content inclusion achieved using Copy as Reference/Paste does not perform every possible check on the validity of the reference. That's why it's possible to use Copy as Reference/Paste successfully in a document and still get errors when you'll convert this document to other formats.
  • Content pushed from one topic to another (the @conaction attribute Opens in new window) is not transcluded by XMLmind XML Editor.
  • Something like <keyword keyref="product-name"/>, where the definition of key product-name contains <keyword>Thing-O-Matic</keyword> is not transcluded by XMLmind XML Editor.
All these limitations apply only to XMLmind XML Editor as an authoring tool. They do not apply when you'll use XMLmind XML Editor to convert a DITA document to formats such as HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.


If your topics make use of attributes @keyref and/or @conkeyref Opens in new window, it is strongly recommended to check ToolsUse as Master Document after opening your map in XMLmind XML Editor. This declaration is persistent across editing sessions. Therefore this is done once for all.
By doing this, you'll instruct XMLmind XML Editor to use your DITA map as a key space for all the topics referenced by this map. More information about the master document feature in "XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help" Opens in new window.