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As of version 8.2, thanks to XMLmind DITA Converter, XMLmind XML Editor fully supports Lightweight DITA Opens in new window (AKA LwDITA) support, whether XDITA Opens in new window (very small subset of DITA XML, plus new <audio> and <video> elements), HDITA Opens in new window (topics and maps written in HTML5 Opens in new window) or MDITA Opens in new window Extended Profile (topics and maps written in Markdown Opens in new window). More information in "Lightweight DITA support Opens in new window".

MDITA support

Out of the box, XMLmind XML Editor supports a so-called MDITA Extended Profile Opens in new window. However there are many “flavors” of Markdown Opens in new window, that's why this Extended Profile may be customized.
This is done by defining a system property called "ditac.load.options" containing one or more load.mdita.XXX options. These options are all documented in "MDITA support Opens in new window".
The "ditac.load.options" system property is best defined in a customize.xxe configuration file. Example:
<property name="ditac.load.options">
  load.mdita.autolink true
More information about the <property> configuration element and the customize.xxe configurations files in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment Opens in new window.