4. collapser

collapser(key, value, ..., key, value)

Inserts a toggle button in generated content which can be used to collapse a collapsible block or table. See collapsible blocks and tables.

collapsed-iconurl(), disc, circle, square, icon()icon(collapsed-right)Icon of the toggle button when the block or table is collapsed.
expanded-iconurl(), disc, circle, square, icon()icon(expanded-down)Icon of the toggle button when the block or table is expanded.
hide-when-disabledBoolean: yes|no, 1|0, "true"|"false", "on"|"off"no

When the toggle button is disabled (for example because the collapsible block is empty):


Render the toggle button using a gray color showing that it is currently disabled.


Make the toggle button invisible.

show-level-menuBoolean: yes|no, 1|0, "true"|"false", "on"|"off"noWhen specified as yes, this option adds "Show Level 1", "Show Level 2", ..., "Show Level 9" items to the pop-up menu displayed after right-clicking on the generated toggle button. These menu items invoke command "toggleCollapsed showLevel N" in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands.
tool-tipStringNo default

Tool tip text of the toggle button.

A text starting with string "<html>" is understood to be styled using HTML (not XHTML). Example: "<html>Change the <br><b>linkend</b> <br>attribute".

Key, value, ..., key, value may also specify style parameters, however only the color property will be honored.



          "This is my tool tip!",
          color, navy)

          "<html>This is<br><b>my</b>tool tip!")

collapser(collapsed-icon, url(collapsed.png), 
          expanded-icon, url(expanded.png))