1. Why use deployxxe?

Command-line tool deployxxe makes it easy:

In order to do this, deployxxe generates a number of files in its output directory. Most of these files are JAR files, the main one being xxe.jar.

When XXE is to be deployed using Java Web Start, deployxxe also generates a xxe.jnlp file and all the generated JAR files are digitally signed.

The xxe.jar file generated by deployxxe is large because it contains:

In order to determine which add-ons are to be added to the generated xxe.jar, deployxxe uses the same dynamic discovery technique as the desktop application. How the contents of the the two addon/ directories of XXE is recursively scanned by deployxxe is explained in Section 1, “Dynamic discovery of add-ons”.

However there slight differences between the dynamic discovery technique used by deployxxe and the one used by the desktop application: