28. Custom spreadsheet functions


As of XMLmind XML Editor v5.8, the integrated spreadsheet engine is implemented as an add-on. Therefore, this configuration element is available only when add-on "Integrated spreadsheet engine" has been installed.

  location = anyURI

Specifies the location of an XML document containing user-defined spreadsheet functions. Example:

  location="myspreadsheetfunctions.xml" />

This XML document contains the definitions of the functions (as Java™ class names or directly using the formula language) as well as their documentations (for online use in the Formula Editor).

This XML document must conform to the http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/schema/spreadsheet/functions W3C XML Schema. The easiest way to create such XML documents is to download and install the corresponding configuration. In order to do so, please use OptionsInstall Add-ons, select the add-on called "XMLmind XML Editor Configuration Pack" from the list and click OK.

Specify spreadsheetFunctions in customize.xxe to add general purpose spreadsheet functions.

Specify spreadsheetFunctions in XXE configuration files (example: invoice.xxe) if you want make your spreadsheet functions visible only when certain types of documents (example: Invoices) of are opened.

Adding user-defined spreadsheet functions to XXE is extensively described in XMLmind XML Editor - Using the Integrated Spreadsheet Engine.