18.1. Using linkType to implement link navigation

The user can navigate from a link source to the link target and the other way round by using the items of menu SelectLink and also the equivalent toolbar buttons.

These menu items and these toolbar buttons are always operative whether a linkType confirguration element has been defined or not. The reason is, when no linkType element is found in a configuration file, XXE will behave as if the following one was defined:


Note that during the link navigation, XXE may have to open the document containing the destination. When this is the case, the user is prompted to confirm that she/he really wants to open this document and whether she/he wants to open it in read-only mode or in normal, read-write, mode.

This works because command XXE.edit in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands also allows to select a link target or a link source. In order to do that, XXE.edit is passed an URL ending with a proprietary XPointer leveraging the link type of the destination. Examples of such proprietary XPointers: