2. deployxxe reference


deployxxe webstart|embed output_dir [ option ]*

deployxxe supports 2 modes:


Generate in directory output_dir all the files (xxe.jar, xxe.jnlp, etc) needed to deploy XXE using Java Web Start. More information in Chapter 8, Deploying XXE using Java™ Web Start.


Generate in directory output_dir a self-contained xxe.jar file containing everything needed to embed an advanced XML editor based on XXE in a third-party application. More information in Part II, “Embedding an advanced XML editor based on XXE in your Java™ application” in XMLmind XML Editor - Developer's Guide.

deployxxe generates a number of files (e.g. xxe.jar) in output directory output_dir. This directory (and all its parents) is created if needed to. If this directory already exists, then it must be empty.

Common options are:


Turns verbosity off.

-gui XXE_GUI_spec

Specifies which base GUI specification to use. Must be a "xxe-gui:" location or a .xxe_gui file found in any of the two addon/ directories of XXE.

Default: xxe-gui:WebStartedApp.xxe_gui (webstart mode), N/A (embed mode).

One or more customize.xxe_gui files (dynamically discovered by deployxxe in the addon/ directories of XXE) may be used to customize this base GUI specification.


Only consider the add-ons found in directory XXE_install_dir/addon/; ignore those found in directory XXE_user_preferences_dir/addon/.

-property name value, -property @property_file

Automatically define system property name to value at an early stage of the application startup.

The @property_file variant allows to specify several system properties in a Java.properties file.

-preference name value, -preference @property_file

Automatically force user preference name to value at an early stage of the application startup.

The @property_file variant allows to specify several user preferences in a Java.properties file.

-attribute name value, -attribute @property_file

Set manifest attribute name to value in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF found in the self-contained xxe.jar created by deployxxe.

The @property_file variant allows to specify several manifest attributes in a Java.properties file.

webstart mode options are:


Generate a simple index.html.

-codebase url

Base URL for all relative URLs in xxe.jnlp.

Default: http://computer_where_deployxxe_was_run/xxe (webstart mode), N/A (embed mode).

-keystore file_or_URL

Keystore location. A keystore contains digital certificates and may be created using keytool or openssl.

Default: output_dir/testkeystore (self-signed certificate).

-storetype type

Type of the keystore.

Default: system dependant, generally jks.

-storepass password

Password for keystore.

Default: teststorepass (self-signed certificate).

-keypass password

Password for private key.

Default: testkeypass (self-signed certificate).

-alias alias

Alias of keystore entry.

Default: login name of person running deployxxe (self-signed certificate).

-tsa URL

Specifies the location of the Time Stamping Authority (TSA). Example: -tsa http://tsa.starfieldtech.com

-selfsigner dname

Specifies a distinguished name for testkeystore, the keystore containing the automatically generated self-signed certificate. This option is ignored when a real certificate is used.

Using this option is absolutely not needed to “self-sign” JAR files. It just allows to create a “better looking” self-signed certificate.

The syntax for distinguished names is:




common name of a person, e.g., 'Susan Jones'.


department or division name, e.g., 'Purchasing'.


large organization name, e.g., 'ABCSystems\, Inc.' (notice the '\' used to protect the ',').


city name, e.g., 'Palo Alto'.


state or province name, e.g., 'California'.


two-letter country code, e.g., 'CH'.

Each field must appear in the above order, but it is not necessary to specify all fields.

Default: CN=login name of the person running deployxxe.