Web Help step

Splits input XHTML document, whether styled or semantic, into several pages and compiles these pages into a Web Help. The Web Help compiler used to do this is free, open source, XMLmind Web Help Compiler.

This step always generates UTF-8 encoded, “.html” files, no matter the parameters specifying other values.

Same parameters as the Split step, plus the following Web Help specific parameters (for clarity, the “webhelp.” parameter name prefix is omitted here):





yes” | “no”.

Default: “yes”.

If “yes”, automatically create an index.html file, if an index.html file does not already exist.

wh-* (examples: wh-local-jquery, wh-jquery-theme, wh-index-numbers)


No default.

All parameters starting with “wh-“ are passed as is to XMLmind Web Help Compiler.

Example: -p webhelp.wh-collapse-toc yes.

These parameters are all documented in XMLmind Web Help Compiler, Parameters.