The “Word To XML” add-on for XMLmind XML Editor

Graphical application w2x-app is also available as an add-on for XMLmind XML Editor. This add-on adds an "Import DOCX" item to the File menu. The "Import DOCX" menu item displays a non-modal dialog box almost identical to w2x-app. XML output files created using the "Import DOCX" dialog box are automatically opened in XMLmind XML Editor.

As of version 9.1, the “Word To XML” add-on is included in all the software distributions of XMLmind XML Editor. Therefore following the instructions below is probably not needed. However please note that, when part of XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition, this add-on runs in “evaluation mode”, that is, it generates output containing random words replaced by string "[XMLmind]").

Installing the “Word To XML” add-on

This add-on is compatible with latest version of XMLmind XML Editor. In order to install it, please proceed as follows:

Start XMLmind XML Editor.

Select OptionsInstall Add-ons. This displays the “Install Add-ons” dialog box.

In the Install tab, click the checkbox found before the table row containing “Word To XML”.


Click OK to download and install the “Word To XML” add-on.

Restart XMLmind XML Editor as instructed.

Notice that the File menu has now an “Import DOCX” item.