The “Word To XML” add-on for XMLmind XML Editor

Graphical application w2x-app is also available as an add-on for XMLmind XML Editor. This add-on adds an "Import DOCX" item to the File menu. The "Import DOCX" menu item displays a non-modal dialog box almost identical to w2x-app. XML output files created using the "Import DOCX" dialog box are automatically opened in XMLmind XML Editor.

Installing the “Word To XML” add-on

This add-on is compatible with latest version of XMLmind XML Editor. In order to install it, please proceed as follows:

Start XMLmind XML Editor.

Select OptionsInstall Add-ons. This displays the “Install Add-ons” dialog box.

In the Install tab, click the checkbox found before the table row containing “Word To XML”.


Click OK to download and install the “Word To XML” add-on.

Restart XMLmind XML Editor as instructed.

Notice that the File menu has now an “Import DOCX” item.