Web Help step

Splits input XHTML document, whether styled or semantic, into several pages and compiles these pages into a Web Help. The Web Help compiler used to do this is free, open source, XMLmind Web Help Compiler.

This step always generates UTF-8 encoded, “.html” files, no matter the parameters specifying other values.

Same parameters as the Split step, plus the following Web Help specific parameters (for clarity, the “webhelp.” parameter name prefix is omitted here):





yes” | “no”.

Default: “yes”.

If “yes”, automatically create an index.html file, if an index.html file does not already exist.


yes” | “no

Default: “no”.

By default, the TOC generated for a Web Help document has a single “root”. This single root always points to the page containing the title, subtitle, author, etc, of the document. Setting this parameter to “yes” prevents the generated TOC from having such single root.

wh-* (wh-local-jquery, wh-layout, wh-collapse-toc, etc)


No default.

All parameters starting with “wh-“ are passed as is to XMLmind Web Help Compiler.

Example: -p webhelp.wh-collapse-toc yes.

These parameters are all documented in XMLmind Web Help Compiler, Parameters.