Contents of the installation directory

If the .dmg distribution has been used to install XMLmind Word To XML on the Mac, the following subdirectories are found in

bin/w2x, w2x.bat

Scripts used to run XMLmind Word To XML (w2x for short). Use w2x on any Unix system. Use w2x.bat on Windows.

bin/w2x-app.exe, w2x-app.jstart

File w2x-app.exe is used to start w2x-app, a graphical application easier to use than the w2x command-line utility, on Windows. This .exe file is a home-made launcher parameterized by xxe.jstart, an UTF-8 encoded, plain text file.

bin/w2x-app, w2x-app-c.bat

Scripts used to run w2x-app, a graphical application easier to use than the w2x command-line utility. Use w2x-app on any Unix system. Use w2x-app-c.bat on Windows , but only when you need to start w2x-app with a console. On Windows, a console is needed to be able to see low-level error messages.


Contains the documentation of w2x.


Contains XMLmind Word To XML Manual. This document is available in source DOCX format, in PDF format and in all the output formats supported by w2x.

doc/manual/, conv_manual.bat

Scripts allowing to convert XMLmind Word To XML Manual to all the output formats supported by w2x. The files generated by these scripts are found in doc/manual/out/.


Contains The XED scripting language.


Contains the online help of w2x-app, a graphical application which is easier to use than the w2x command-line utility.


Contains the reference manual of the Java™ API of w2x (generated using javadoc).

legal/, legal.txt

Contains legal information about w2x and about third-party components used in w2x.


All the (non-system) Java™ class libraries needed to run w2x:

xmlresolver.jar: an enhanced XML resolver with XML Catalog support.

saxon.jar: The Saxon 6.5.5 XSLT 1.0 engine.

w2x_all.jar: self-contained JAR containing everything needed to run w2x, that is, all the other JAR files and also all the scripts and the stylesheets found in subdirectories xed/ and xslt/.

w2x.jar: contains the w2x engine.

w2x_rt.jar: contains a runtime needed by the w2x engine. All these classes come from XMLmind XML Editor.

wmf2svg.jar: WMF to SVG Converting Tool & Library; needed to support the WMF picture format.

wmf_converter.jar: contains a picture format plug-in based on wmf2svg.jar.

whc.jar: contains the XMLmind Web Help Compiler engine.

snowball.jar: Snowball is used by XMLmind Web Help Compiler to implement stemming.


An empty directory where user plugins are to be copied in order to be automatically registered with w2x.



The two sample plugins used as examples in this document. The rss/src/ subdirectory contains the Java™ source code of rss/date_util.jar (custom support code). The wh5_zip/src/ subdirectory contains the Java™ source code of wh5_zip/zip_step.jar (custom conversion step).


Contains the XED scripts used to convert styles to semantic XHTML tags.


Contains the XSLT 1.0 stylesheets used to generate semantic XML.