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Application controlapp allows to stop, configure or reconfigure, start or restart XMLmind XSL Server. This application does it job by controlling and configuring both the bundled Jetty 7 Servlet Container and the WebApp.
If you need to deploy XMLmind XSL Server on your own existing Servlet Container, you unfortunately will have to do it the hard way.
Running controlapp on a computer having a very high resolution (HiDPI) screen
controlapp works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens. For example, it works fine on a Mac having a Retina® screen and a Windows computer having an UHD (“4K”) screen.
On a Linux computer having a HiDPI screen, HiDPI is not automatically detected. You'll have to specify the display scaling factor you prefer using the -displayScaling command-line option:
controlapp -displayScaling 200
Option -displayScaling may be used to globally change the size of all the items comprising the user interface of controlapp. Its value is a percentage between 100 and 400.

Before you begin

Make sure to have a Java™ runtime 1.7+ installed on your computer.


  1. Start controlapp by double-clicking on install_dir/server/bin/controlapp.bat on Windows. Execute shell script install_dir/server/bin/controlapp on the other platforms.
    Note that controlapp runs in both graphical and console mode. If you need to use the console mode, start controlapp by executing install_dir/server/bin/controlapp -c.
    The main window of controlapp is displayed.
  2. Click the Configure button.
    The configuration wizard is displayed.
  3. A configuration wizard is displayed. Please follow the instructions of this wizard.
    If you don't understand what's involved in a configuration step, please click the Help button found at the bottom/left of the configuration wizard.
    XMLmind XSL Server, being configured, can now be started.
  4. Once the configuration wizard has completed its job, click the Start button.
    XMLmind XSL Server is now running (The enabled Stop button shows you that).
  5. You can now close controlapp by clicking the Close button.
    You can re-run controlapp at any time to check whether XMLmind XSL Server is still running, to stop it, to reconfigure it, etc.
  6. Now point your Web browser to the URL displayed by controlapp.
    Clicking the Start button causes controlapp to display the following information.