Specify a TCP port for the Web server

Clients (e.g. Web browsers) will see XMLmind XSL Server as a Web server. This Web server will run on the machine on which you have launched controlapp. Many other network services are also running on this machine. Each of these network services is uniquely identified by its TCP port. Therefore you need to specify a TCP port — an integer between 2 and 65535 — which is not already used by another network service(1).
The "Use standard port number" button allows to specify the standard TCP port number associated to the chosen Web server protocol:
  • Port 80 for "Web server (HTTP)".
  • Port 443 for "Secure Web server (HTTPS)".
Using a standard port number is useful if you intend to operate XMLmind XSL Server on the Internet because:
  • Such ports are generally not blocked by enterprise firewalls or proxies.
  • You don't need to type the port number in the address bar of your Web browser. Example: when the TCP port is 22080, you'll need to type "http://gizmo.acme.com:22080/foo/bar" in the address bar of your Web browser. When the TCP port is 80, you'll just need to type "http://gizmo.acme.com/foo/bar".

 (1) Do not worry, if you specify a TCP port which is already in use, the Configure wizard will instruct you to choose another port.