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Application controlapp allows to stop, configure or reconfigure, start or restart XMLmind XSL Server. It does this by configuring and controlling the bundled Jetty 7 Servlet Container Opens in new window.
Running controlapp on a computer having a very high resolution (HiDPI) screen
controlapp works fine on computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens. For example, it works fine on a Mac having a Retina® screen and a Windows computer having an UHD (“4K”) screen.
On a Linux computer having a HiDPI screen, HiDPI is not automatically detected. You'll have to specify the display scaling factor you prefer using the -displayScaling command-line option:
controlapp -displayScaling 200
Option -displayScaling may be used to globally change the size of all the items comprising the user interface of controlapp. Its value is a percentage between 100 and 400.
You must first configure XMLmind XSL Server before being able to start it. This is done by clicking the Configure button.
Once XMLmind XSL Server is configured, you can start it. This is done by clicking the Start button.
After doing that, a dialog box is displayed to show you how to connect to XMLmind XSL Server.
Once XMLmind XSL Server is started, you can close controlapp. After that, you can re-run controlapp at any time to check whether XMLmind XSL Server is still running, to stop it, to reconfigure it, etc. Stopping XMLmind XSL Server is done by clicking the Stop button.

Message log

If you cannot remember what has been displayed by the above Information dialog box or if you want to copy the URL of XMLmind XSL Server to the clipboard, right-click on the status line or click the "Show message log" button found at the right of the status line.
Doing this displays the following message log dialog box:

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